Oh thanks. I really looked 2 days ago and it was 349.99! So thanks.

199.99 on Sharks wed page with free True Pet update and free next day shipping.

Got it from Costco on Friday with all the True Pet for 199, 90 day no quibble return policy onto it too, soo definitely going to give it a fantastic go for a month or two before determining whether I am keeping it or not.

Cheers OP. Just layed down on the couch to relax and see something and prosper just spent two hundred quid out of nowhere. Magic!

Yes right,seems very similar,

Used to get this a quid at Home Bargains.

Has anybody else got their order? I purchased on 30 January and there’s still no sign of shipping. Though a DPD tracking number was created on 1 Feb, the DPD site said "We’ve received your order details, but have not yet obtained your package " as of 6th of Feburary. Arrrrgh. I begin worrying that Groupon could just cancel my order because the item was offered at a low cost (the cost is now up to 169!!) /

Last Friday (25th), hence had the weekend in between, but fairly fast. Inspired by DPD so outstanding delivery and updates slot of an hour after it’s processed and within their hands.

So when did you set the order? I placed an order this afternoon and was wondering if will it’ll be sent.

Mine arrived today. Very easy to assemble and use. Have cleaned the living room rug. It comes with a generous bottle of cleaner and also a 5 year guarantee card. Cannot go wrong at that price and very pleased up to now. Also pleased so many people have been able to get you at the low cost too (y)

There’s 5% cashback on topcashback too.

Are you having a lark about partner?


Purchased a couple, thanks op. :-RRB-

I detect Stardrops does a fantastic job.

Great find thanks! Agreed this is seldom available on offer thus will definitely be ordering!

Never get a inexpensive vax, I got you and it just wouldnt select back the water up; sat at the corner for a couple years before being thrown outside.

Quick review. It’s misnamed — that they haven’t asked me money yet. You can hand-scrub harder but the Vax is good for picking up the liquid mess after. You’ll likely still require a dehumidifier/summer and even then the carpeting takes a couple of hours to dry. Earth in dirt needs you to go over it.

3x. As ever, you can’t tell it’s clean before it’s dry. You can just keep washing it before the waste water comes through clear I assume. This version is faulty. The suction funnel is practically impossible to clean and has clogged up with fibers. In case you don’t clean it, they’ll end up back on your carpeting, making black marks. The Pro has a removable funnel. The big buttons for on/flex’squirt texture a whole lot less expensive than a vacuum cleaner but you’re not expected to utilize it just as much. All carpeting cleaners can use your home cleaning services which is vastly cheaper and good for different spots. Mine includes a leak in order that they’re taking it back. Bottom line: if it is possible to find the Pro.

Got a e-mail today!! Will check the cleanser after it arrives and determine just how we get on!

I wish you good luck, fingers crossed they will honor your desire.

Not had any reply yet carpet cleaning machines, certainly no email to confirm my cancellation!